Michiel Coyote, C.M.T., L.Ac. – Thai Massage & Acupuncture

Phone: 415.342.3533

Email:   kokyuacu@gmail.com

Michiel has practiced Thai Massage for almost 20 years and is grateful to share this beautiful work. A Certified Massage Therapist and Licensed Acupuncturist with a focus on integrating Thai and Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage, he is available for outcalls and also works by appointment at Fairfax Community Wellness.

Thai Massage is like a beautiful flower- Lovely to look at, nice to give, and even better to receive. Michiele is trained in the Nuad Boran and Jub Sen traditions. Nuad Boran is a flowing, rhythmic style of bodywork with deep, intense, gentle yoga-like stretches- perfect for tight muscles and stiff joints. This external form is what most people generally know as ‘Thai Massage’. Yet to live, a flower needs a root from which to draw sustenance. This root is Jub Sen, an internal style using deep trigger points to release old injuries and harmonize the energetic elements of the body, mind, and spirit. This is the style originally practiced on the royalty of Thailand and is less known in the West.
Clinic Hours: Flexible appointment times, day and evening

Fees:  Outcall service is available for an additional $30 in Marin County

30 minute table/Chair massage: $30.00

1 hour Massage Thai or Deep Tissue: $60.00

1.5 hour Massage Thai or Deep Tissue: $90.00

Cupping/Moxa: $20.00

Acupuncture: $20.00 -40.00

Website: www.kokyuacu.com