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Gluten-Free Pies for the Holidays

A new E-book by Emily Bender with photos by Belynda Marks As most of you know I am a passionate baker and have been cooking gluten-free since 1997 – way before it was cool. Some of you have taken my gluten-free baking classes and others have sampled my favorites from Chicken Pot Pie to Gingerbread.

Do You Saturate in your Experience of Life?

By Kathrina Peterson The relaxation and the saturation in the experience of different qualities of joy, contentment, safety, strength, and resiliency in the body are so essential to healing. Saturation means you steep in it like you would steep a bag of tea to get the full flavor. Contemporary neuroscience says that our brains are


[youtube=]   Watch Chris Osmers talk about his healing experience with practitioner Kathrina Peterson. [youtube=] And Cari Alter talks about why she loves coming for treatments. a My Story: Bren Taylor For over fifteen years, I treated my asthma with acupuncture, but when the economy turned sour, I lost all my clients and could no

Andrew Rader, L.Ac., MS – Acupuncture

Phone: 415-488-0201 Email: Andrew Rader is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Hypnotherapist. He received his BS in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley and his MS from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He completed an internship at the China -Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing. Andrew studied smoking cessation hypnosis with Will Goodey and has been

Lesley Grant, ECD, Founder and Director Of Marin Mindfulness Institute At The Community Wellness Center

Phone: ( 415) 451-8175 Email: Lesley Grant, ECD is the founder & director of both Marin Mindfulness Institute and Mindfulness And Child Development Institute, which hosts professional certification program for psychotherapists and educators in Adolescent and Child Psychotherapy and Education and a co-author of the book Teaching Mindfulness Skills To Kids and Teens. She