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Mark Kahn, CMT: Massage, Clinical Bodywork

Phone: 415-336-1206 Email: WebSite: Http:// Social: Mark Kahn is a licensed, Certified Massage Therapist, with education and training practice dating back to 2004. His modalities include: * Swedish / Effourage (long flowing strokes) * Deep Tissue (slower deeper movemonts targetting postural muscles, beneath the superficial layer) * Fascial Release (wringing the muscles to facilitate

Dr. Celestine Star, Doctor of Divinity, AH, CST, BCI, LC – Bio-Current Imaging

Phone: 415-717-0762 Email: Dr. Star is a Holistic Therapeutic Healing Practitioner, Life and Stress Management Coach, Speaker, Author and Spiritual Leader who has studied both western and eastern healing modalities of meditation, wellness of being and mindfulness. Through her Egyptian/ Native American heritage Star offers Shamanistic practices along with Advanced Energy Sciences, that takes